Simple, secure, separate 



Coastal Healthcare Consulting trusted Divide to deliver enhanced, consistent security across employee-owned devices and secure sensitive customer data. The company loved the simplicity involved in deploying and managing the Divide platform. Employees also felt safe in the knowledge that their personal data and privacy were not compromised with Divide.

“Divide is the all-around package,” said Don Darling, director of IT. “The ease of deployment makes a strong case for Divide and it doesn’t break the bank to deploy.”



The Challenge

After relying on ActiveSync and the native device capabilities to secure employee-owned devices, Coastal Healthcare found it needed something more robust to protect its corporate data.

ActiveSync did not provide the granular policies the company needed. Android security also varied wildly from one device manufacturer to another, creating management headaches for IT. In one case, an employee device indicated it was encrypted when in fact, it wasn’t.

Coastal Healthcare, which provides technology consulting for healthcare organizations, is extremely mindful of protecting customer HIPAA data. The company enforces rules against sending emails containing electronic Public Health Information (ePHI) in order to prevent major data breaches. So far, the company hasn’t suffered a major loss but it wanted more protections in the event of an employee lapse.  

“We don’t use email to send ePHI but people fail the process sometimes and we need to make sure we protect that data,” Darling said.

Coastal Healthcare also required something that offered protections for employees as well. After one employee reported their phone was lost, IT informed the worker of its intentions to wipe the entire device. The employee begged for more time to find it and preserve their personal photos.

“They said ‘Don’t do that. If I find it, I need those pictures back,’” Darling said. “How do I deal with that? I have to wipe the personal data to protect the corporate data.”

The Solution

Coastal Healthcare tested a number of products but determined that Divide was the best solution for its needs. Darling said Divide’s secure container provided the separation the company required to ensure business data was protected while personal information remained private.

Deploying Divide gave Coastal Healthcare a way to solve the Android fragmentation dilemma and enforce consistent security across different Android devices.

“The fact that I can separate corporate data means I can almost get a virtual machine,” Darling said. “I like the separation of powers and it gives me protection against malicious software that’s installed on the phone.”

Darling found deploying Divide and managing the platform was surprisingly easy. With no servers to install or configure, he was able to get Divide up and running in one day without a lot of effort.

“Other products were difficult to deploy because they had their own server and ancillary things to go with it but Divide was just very simple and managing it was very easy,” he said. “It’s almost hands off. When we built it out, it just works. It’s not a product with a lot of drama.”

Coastal Healthcare allowed employees to install the Divide client and access email by themselves. After following a simple set-up process that involved entering their email address and password, employees were activated on Divide.

With Divide, employees enjoyed Divide’s intuitive and took comfort in knowing that their pictures and personal data and safe from viewing or wiping by IT.

“They really like the idea of separation between work and personal when we made the argument of protecting their photos,” Darling said.

For a growing company, Coastal Healthcare enjoyed the flexibility Divide offered and the value it delivered for the money. Darling felt Divide provided a complete solution.

“What clinched it was a comparison looking at what Divide could do and looking back at more expensive products that couldn’t come close feature by feature,” Darling said.




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