Maximum security, minimum costs



Simpson Millar, a respected law firm in the UK with more than 150 years of experience, chose Divide because it offered the data security the company needed and the user experience employees demanded while drastically cutting the firm’s mobility costs.

“It’s gone perfectly. It couldn’t have gone better and it’s not often I say that,” said Jonathan Fairchild, assistant IT manager of Simpson Millar. “It did exactly what it said on the tin.”

The Challenge

After years of operating on BlackBerrys, Simpson Millar hit a crossroads with its deployment. The company appreciated how the BlackBerry platform protected business data but with the rise of employee-owned iOS and Android devices, it saw an opportunity to rethink its dependence on BlackBerry.

To migrate away from BlackBerry, the firm first needed a replacement that offered the same safeguards for mobile data on the devices that employees wanted to use. Any solution also had to satisfy client agreements and comply with the UK’s Data Protection Act, which require steps to protect customer information.


“We were looking for a solution that could protect company data inside a personal device while giving us control over the company data,” said Fairchild.

Simpson Millar was tired of paying a premium to support an aging BlackBerry mobility platform. The price for BlackBerry was justified when it was the preferred way to securely offer email and BlackBerry devices were popular with workers. However, with a move to a BYOD model, the firm wanted to find a better pricing model that reduced its total cost of ownership.

The Solution

After a six-month search, the firm tested Divide and was so satisfied, it immediately began deploying it as its BYOD solution. Fairchild said Divide worked as advertised, providing comprehensive data security in a package that both employees and IT actually enjoyed using.

“With Divide, we could give our employees email without paying the price for BlackBerry. When required, we can just wipe the data in the work container,” said Fairchild. “I just like the fact that it works, knowing we can do secure email without a hassle.”

The feedback from employees, “has been quite positive,” Fairchild said. “They like the fact it’s completely separate and they can access work stuff whenever they need to. They like the fact that it’s there but not in your face.”

 With Divide, the firm now spends $60 (£40) a year per user compared to about $600 (£360) per BlackBerry user every year. It also saves by not having to buy mobile devices for employees, who are happy to use their own devices. The up front cost-savings with Divide, has allowed Simpson Millar to double the number of employees with secure mobile access to email with more workers expected to sign up.

Employees are also increasing their business usage during non-working hours. Fairchild said employees appreciate being able to carry one device and check email from their personal phone. Employees are also taking to their tablets to get a significant amount of work done at night and on weekends.

“The quicker employees respond to emails, the more efficient the business becomes,” Fairchild said. “And that’s exactly what we found. People are responding to emails on the evenings more and more.”

The benefits of deploying Divide extend beyond the initial cost savings, said Fairchild. He said Divide’s ease of use for employees and simple set-up has meant fewer support calls to IT, freeing up his time so he can tackle other projects.

“The set-up was very straight forward for people,” Fairchild said. “Even people who are less technologically literate are able to complete the set-up without assistance.”

The Divide platform has also required less active monitoring than the old BlackBerry system, Fairchild said. Moreover, the maturity of the Divide platform has meant fewer calls for bug fixes and support, he said.

“My big bug bear is working with third-party suppliers,” he said. “Not having to do it is a big bonus for me. I don’t have to think about it with Divide.”

Migrating to BYOD presented a big data security challenge for Simpson Millar and an even bigger opportunity to boost productivity, simplify mobility management and cut costs. Divide made the potential benefits of BYOD real for the firm and its employees.

 “Divide has given us the solution we were looking for,” Fairchild said. “We’re saving on costs and we have a great user experience and if our users are happy, I tend to be happy.”




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